COVID-19 Salon Guidelines

Dear valued Panache customer,

We care about your health and making everyone feel comfortable when they are visiting Panache. This update is intended to share the steps we are taking to help protect the health of our customers and stylists.

Proper sanitizing of all tools and equipment between customer haircuts has been the standard for our business since the start. Licensed Panche stylists are well-trained, disciplined, equipped, and prepared with current skills for proper sanitizing and prevention.

In addition to our long-standing practices, we are taking the following steps:

Staff Measures:

  • All staff will be taking their temperature daily before coming into the salon
  • All staff will be wearing gloves and masks
  • All surfaces will be sanitized before and after each client
  • Appointments will be booked with enough time to have all clients in and out safely

Client Measures:

  • We ask everyone to take their temperature before visiting the salon
  • Client’s will only have direct interaction with their stylist during their appointment
  • Assistant, will be in the salon to give support to ensure that each appointment run smoothly
  • The reception area is closed so please be prompt for your appointment
  • We ask everyone to bring as few personal belongings as needed, phone, iPad, credit card
  • Please do not bring cash into the salon
  • Please observe all social distancing protocol and protection by wearing, gloves, and a mask
  • Extra sanitizer and wipes will be available for everyone
  • If you are having a cut only you can pre-wash your hair before your appointment

Thank you for observing our new safety protocols.  We greatly appreciate your business and cooperation during this unique period of time.

-Karen Angel