How to Make Your Hair Feel Shiny and New! Reborn

I want to have shiny and new hair for all my holiday parties and I need a little relaxation from all the holiday shopping and decorating, who feels me?
I decided to pamper myself with a Reborn Treatment by TIGI available at Panache and Co Salon. I use the Awakening shampoo and conditioner at home but felt I need a boost, so into the Salon I go for The treatment.

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If you haven’t had this done well you should. The Reborn treatment starts with an analysis of your hair, which I found interesting, I love that kind of stuff. My stylist then took me to the dimmed lighting shampoo area and massaged/cleansed my locks with the Reborn Shampoo and Conditioner, can I just say WOW! and the smell is heavenly, and I asked for the warmed eye pad to make it more sensational ( be sure to ask for the eye pads).

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I then was taken to a small nook in the salon (dimly lit of course)with a great coral like chandelier and given a nice hot cup of tea and honey. My stylist then layered on the Reborn Treatment inch by inch and the wrapped my head in a soft, lush turban. I sat catching up on the latest people magazine gossip until it was time for my rinse. Let me say this if you really love… someone this is the gift you will want to get them. This (treat)ment gave lasting shine and healthy looking hair, perfect for this party season.

Happy Holiday season people

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