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With Smoothies and Juicing becoming more of a staple in our daily lives it’s important to know which fruits and veggies are in season.
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A great link for you to try this weekend is Ripetrack.com.
This is from the cover page of the website.
All produce tastes best during the part of the year when it naturally ripens. Strawberries are sweeter when sun-kissed in the summer, and some squashes don’t get full and flavorful until the fall. Not only does food taste better in season, it often has a higher nutrient content too. And if that wasn’t enough, fruits and vegetables are usually more affordable when they are naturally in abundance. Eating seasonally is better for your body, tastier on your tongue, and lighter on your wallet!
Doesn’t it just make you want to picnic or go to the beach this weekend. 
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Most of the stylists at Panache & Co Salon have a favorite recipe that they have shared with their team members and maybe some of our clients. I think we should have a smoothie/juice off at the salon in June. The stylist with the tastiest recipe will win a Whole Foods $50.00 Gift Card. Don’t you just love a good, healthy cook-off, Or in this instance a juice-off. In the mean time try out one of the yummy smoothie recipes above.
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The other link we love is the Harvest Calendar of San Diego. If you’re into local grown produce, this is the link for you. Download this for your trips to the Farmers Markets that are sprinkled throughout San Diego County.  Here are the Farmers Market’s and the days of business from the Harvest Site. 
I can tell you from personal experience my skin and hair have never felt better. Look for my juice fast post at the end of July.
We hope you enjoyed this Fridays Links We Love series and hope you share this post with your friends and family and spread the love. Look for more fun post throughout the Panache & Co Salon Summer Season.

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