MBFW Swim at Mara Hoffman:How To

Mara Hoffman Bohemian Rhapsody
TIGI Latest product (Bodifying Spray) was used-
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Nick Irwin Tigi Creative Beauty by SW Blog
For you girls that have more wave to your hair this look is perfect.

  1. Just add in TIGI Bodifying Spray product in the evening and sleep on it. Note: If your hair is straight, use the 3 braid method (one on either side and one or two in the back) and start your braids at eye level.
  2. In the AM flip you head over and with a large comb or your fingers comb through. I love to use my fingers.
  3. Next take your TIGI curl stick, winding forward 1-2 inch section where your hair needs the boost, starting at the check bone. This will add that bohemian textured style Mr. Nick Irwin (link is a Trend Video) and his TIGI Talent Team served up at Mara Hoffman Miami Swim 2015. 
Until September 4-14th MBFW 

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