Romantic Notions: Wedding Inspirations and Makeup

With the San Diego Bridal Bazaar coming up on Jan, 26th@ the Convention Center and Valentines day around the corner I thought we would do a Monday Wedding Inspiration Mood board.
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Now I’m already married but I’m still a mushy romantic and love a great celebration. I love to create fantasy wedding boards because it encourages me to remember all the good things about relationships, not just with my husband but relationships with friends and family too.
One of my favorite Panache Stylist is Sabrina Mangiavillano, she’s a very talented stylist with a gift for makeup application. She uses the Dinar Airbrush system for makeup applications that are flawless. I think for any event this is the way to go. It’s a longer wear makeup technique, which means you shouldn’t look tragic by the end of your event.
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I’ve sat and watched Sabrina as she wields the airbrush gun and am thoroughly amazed at this process. You really need to understand the principles of color and how shading affects the overall look. I guess that’s why she is one of Panache Master Colorists, she get’s it.
Panache & Co Salon, Wedding inspirations

I know I will be attending the San Diego Bridal Bazaar Sunday January 26th and I’m hoping to talk some of the Panache & Co Stylist into coming with me. Inspiration is found in all things don’t you agree.
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I Love This Hair Style!

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P.S. Here is a great article on how to master the Bridal Bazaar show for greater success. 
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